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No Flag fightinfrenchman
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11 Jun 2019, 15:45

I like the ducksh
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Poland pecelot
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11 Jun 2019, 19:53

what a fuck
I drive all the time
It's no big deal
Open the door
And get behind the wheel :smile:
United States of America occamslightsaber
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11 Jun 2019, 21:57

They are the Edward Scissorhands of India.
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Switzerland sebnan12
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12 Jun 2019, 06:33

tedere12 wrote:
rsy wrote:
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Yeah he's a lt colonel probably. Too bad he only plays at 5am, all his opponents lame him, and he trolls in every game


I'm sure if he played more he'd be colonel, but he is kinda busy these days and only plays for fun and not improvement.

yea im sure hes just messing around. also he doesnt cheat anymore and nightstalker is ur friend from gameranger. id like u to remember sargs signature. thx sargs
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Armenia Sargsyan
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12 Jun 2019, 07:40

@sebnan12 np bro. @tedere12 virgin cuck
Vietnam Hazza54321
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19 Jun 2019, 22:30

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Gibraltar Riotcoke
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19 Jun 2019, 23:37

Hazza54321 wrote:

Rouga better be scared

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