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Playoffs Format

At the end of the fifth event of the season, the top eight players in points will be asked to compete in the Single-Elimination Playoffs. All matches will be Best-of-7's, save for the Grand Finals, which will be a Best-of-9.

The schedule will be as follows:
October 7th to October 13th /// Round of 8 (Bo7)
October 14th to October 20th /// Semi-Finals (Bo7)
October 21st to October 27th /// Finals (Bo9) and Bronze (Bo7)

The civilization-picking rules will be the same as the NWC rules. (Winner locks first in the next game, can't play a civilization again after you've won with it.)

Tournament seeding will be based off of the Grand Tour standings. For example, #1 in standings will face #8, #2 will face #7, and so on. In the case a player is not available to participate in the Playoffs, the seeding will shift upwards, as if the forfeited player's slot was removed.

Seeding will also play into the map pool. Each match will have a unique map pool according to the players' "region" in the bracket. The map pool assignments are as follows:

Kaiserklein vs Lukas_L99 - Northwest
Knuschelbär vs iamturk - Northeast
tabben vs Conquerer999 - Southwest
Mitoe vs SomppuKunkku - Southeast
Kaiser/Lukas vs Knusch/turk - North
tabben/Conq vs Mitoe/Somppu - South

There will be no map vetoes in the Playoffs. The map pool is as follows:


The starting prize pool is $400. Half of all donations to ESOC during the month of October will go towards the prize pool, so be sure to support your favorite players! The prize distribution will be as follows:

1st Place: $240 - 60%
2nd Place: $100 - 25%
3rd Place: $60 - 15%

The winner of the playoffs will be crowned the Grand Tour Champion!

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