Technical Support for installation and running of the EP.
India SNRK
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14 Jan 2020, 16:41

Can anyone help me fix this problem :?: :idea: :coin:
Whatever I try it is not working I downloaded the beta too to check still no result
Screenshot (70).png
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Austria KINGofOsmane
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14 Jan 2020, 17:04

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Latvia harcha
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14 Jan 2020, 17:11

It might be you are running in windowed mode with a resolution that is too high. You can change the resolution in NewProfile file. There are separate configs for vanilla AoE3, AoE3 TWC and AoE3 TAD. For TAD it is stored in this folder:
newprofile.jpg (28.45 KiB) Viewed 92 times

Open this folder and find the resolution setting. With the game closed change it to match your windows resolution and save file. Then you can restart the game. Mine looks like this:
newprofile2.jpg (48.75 KiB) Viewed 92 times

This should change the resolution back to one where the window would fit on your monitor. Post your results in a reply please.

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