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France [Armag] diarouga
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ESO: diarouga
Location: France

22 Jun 2020, 14:28

France is a good civ against China honestly. Even on Manchuria, I don't think that the MU is China favoured, so one or two small mistakes can decide a game.
Great Britain Hazza54321
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22 Jun 2020, 15:07

Id disagree but whatever
No Flag starlactite
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22 Jun 2020, 20:44

Good evening,

I am a player who picked up the game once more not too long ago. I was actually fairly quite young when I first tried to play online.
Here is a dutch mirror game that i did for practice on RE.

I suppose that I am proud of my performance, considering I had only 2 dutch games prior. Yet after watching my replay I am aware of some mistakes.

1) I give up villigers too easily
2) I seem to have villiger ressource distribution in order to age to age 3
3) I feel that that win was only due to luck (stradiots won me the game)
4) I perhaps need to refine my build order (market too early?)

I hope you find this mirror replay worthy of commentary!
[RE SP] Starlactite[DU] vs Winternoob[DU] - Great Plains.age3yrec
(517.68 KiB) Downloaded 4 times
Great Plains
Great Plains
Rules: Supremacy (1v1)
Version: Official Patch
Length: 18 minutes
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Germany Makrokosmos12
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ESO: Templer12

22 Jun 2020, 21:32

Two games me playing dutch.

One of the files seems like to having a hard time what to indentify. Was a drawn out game vs sioux with base trade.
[EP8-2 SP] I_HaRRiiSoN_I[DU] vs Templer12[DU] - ESOC Adirondacks.age3yrec
(926.12 KiB) Downloaded 8 times
ESOC Adirondacks
ESOC Adirondacks
Rules: Supremacy (1v1)
Version: ESOC Patch 8.2
Length: 19 minutes
EP recorded game 1.age3Yrec
(534.73 KiB) Downloaded 2 times
ESOC High Plains
ESOC High Plains
Rules: Supremacy (1v1)
Version: ESOC Patch 8.2
Length: 24 minutes
Great Britain chris1089
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ESO: chris1089

28 Jun 2020, 21:39

An epic drawn out game over 40 minutes. I struggled a lot to deal with the dop cannon composition so advice on how to deal better with that would be appreciated. I hope it's entertaining.
(571.82 KiB) Downloaded 4 times
ESOC Kamchatka
ESOC Kamchatka
Rules: Supremacy (1v1)
Version: ESOC Patch 8.2
Length: 44 minutes
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Great Britain I_HaRRiiSoN_I
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28 Jun 2020, 22:15

Makrokosmos12 wrote:Two games me playing dutch.

One of the files seems like to having a hard time what to indentify. Was a drawn out game vs sioux with base trade.

..... the other game is bashing that guy called harrison, #ezpz
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Brazil lemmings121
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ESO: lemmings121

05 Jul 2020, 20:48

Something that might be interesting, my tournament match vs knush.
would be nice hearing about the small decisions that makes a pr45 stomp a pr30.

some toughts:
my gameplan/bo was copied from snow, found 2 recs of this working well from him so I decided to try.

maybe the plan was bad considering the map: easy to wall, corners far away to shrine, many paths to sneak ashi raids, and full of chokepoints so cav can never fight well.

but I dont want to just blame the map here, I'm sure a good brit player in my place could play better so a analysis to better understand the mistakes would be nice. Maybe the whole plan was bad here? maybe was just bad execution? i'm not sure.
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Netherlands Goodspeed
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05 Jul 2020, 21:00

Scroogie wrote:I rely to 99% on my positional understanding because i am too lazy to calculate
This was me. Sounds like you should try out Go

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