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23 Feb 2021, 01:27

You mean his mom got a new car
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23 Feb 2021, 07:08

aaryngend wrote:
[Armag] diarouga wrote:Wow, he had the expert tag on RTS sanctuary. Impressive.
Don't underestimate him. He would easily be a Top 3-5 player today if he had the same drive and time spent on game. I know getting the expert tag was more of a popularity contest than just pure skill (you had to be friends with the skwzz or hope guys), but it was still kind of prestigious as only a handful of people held it at a time.
harcha wrote:dude goes spanish ff for quarterfage 2falc 1falc 1falc 1falc 1falc 1falc, calls france a cheat civ, i don't see how he is an expert in anything
Who? Trying to prey on overwhelming your opponent with infinite 1 falc shipments (which is highly situational anyway) indeed sounds like a scrub.
If it is Mayh3M by any chance, I think he hasn't played for a decade or so. Cut him some slack :!:

Anyway, let's see if Mr. Musket can hit Top 50.

The only problem with your ranking of mayhem is to get that high he'd need to be good at the game.

He would easily be a Top 3-5 player today
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