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31 Mar 2021, 08:09

I would like to improve my knowledge of India, besides what is already on the strategy wall. Does someone have an idea of where I could find other (or more recent) BOs ?
Also, I like to watch Aizamk playing Indians on Twitch but find difficult to replicate his strats. Are there other good India players out there who I could learn from ?
Thanks :smile:
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Netherlands Mr_Bramboy
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31 Mar 2021, 08:30

Check out the recent Challenge Cup: most of the games should be on youtube by now. If you click on a match you'll find the corresponding video. challenge-cup/groups

I know the finals had at least one India game in them, but unfortunately the masses have decided that India just not a very good civ right now so they are underrepresented in recent tournaments.
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Isle of Man UpMySleeves
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31 Mar 2021, 08:32

Yeah, hard to replicate Aiz's playstyle. I saw Don Artie streaming some India yesterday, there is also sepoyguy, I assume he only plays India. Aykin aka Tit also plays India. Top players like Knusch and Hazza also play it, but I haven't seen them stream recently.
I'm guessing you read Wicked's guide, it helped me a lot.
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Belgium P4blit0
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31 Mar 2021, 08:50

Thanks for your answers, I'll look it up. Yeah I read Wicked's guide, it's a goldmine !
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Germany AndiAOE
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31 Mar 2021, 15:25

My Ideas about india, is this what you are looking for?

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31 Mar 2021, 15:54

Wasn't there some youtube video where miggo and someone else did nothing but talk about india for over an hour? Should be a good starting point.
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Zimbabwe Anthem
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01 Apr 2021, 14:05

If you find it useful this was released about 3 hours ago, it is not from the current patch but from the previous one :smile:
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Belgium P4blit0
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06 Apr 2021, 11:33

For the record, I found a video from Haitch explaining how to counter Portugal on water maps:

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