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07 Apr 2021, 05:12

Ello All,

JUST LOOK at these units and the DIVERSITY!

Since the Zaps became famous I want to show the OG Nat Rush champs some love (Caribs). I've been doing this strat since DE came out and it was insane with the fast age chasqui politician. Now its still very nice.

Gotta give a shoutout to RodLimitless for helping me craft this many nights once DE released! :) Twitch:RodLimitless

Why Inca with Natives?
- Tambos protect themselves easier.
- Explorer gives 10 % HP buff so Caribs become 192 HP.
- Card also gives 10% attack boost.
- Inca 2 Travois age up perfect to get up 2 native TPs with no vill or explorer seconds lost.

Why Caribs?
- From my experience (Top ELO 1300 in 1v1) Ranged Infantry and Cannons seem to control most battles) If a mass of Caribs are well defended and their upgrades come in - Ive wiped soo many armies with this mass.
- Archer upgrades for Bowman I believe. They also have access to all the native upgrades and need wood for other units.

Build Order:
What I usually do is:
- 1 Kancha start
- 4 vill kancha button
- Collect only Food
- 2 Travois Age Up (for the 2 native posts)
- Build 3 Kanchas in Transition (All vills on wood except 4 on Food) OR 1 Tambo & 1 Kancha
- Call 5 pikes from TC (600F) upon ageup and ship 5 pikes => Escort Travois to Nat TP.
- Make 2 full batches of Caribs while waiting on shipment
- Ship Native Treaties and win!

Inca vs Inca
(2.57 MiB) Downloaded 3 times
Rules: Supremacy (1v1)
Version: Definitive Edition

I've played vs an all in Aztec Rush and a strong Japan build and it definitely overwhelms. Colonial Militia and making troops early def hurt a bit.

Pikes come out at 5 min and 5:20 and then the mass comes at 6.



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