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Which one more useful?

Streams because I'm lazy
Recorded games because I wanna be nerdrouga
I just watch Garja instead
Other.. (Put your comments below)
Total votes: 26

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Turkey breeze
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07 Apr 2021, 15:01

Which way is helping to improve more? and why? discuss below :hmm:
Kaiserklein wrote:I'm not gonna stream for a community which accepts breeze in it
2ndlieüténant wrote:Organ guns unpack béttér
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Great Britain Riotcoke
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07 Apr 2021, 15:02

Nerdrouga is playing vs Maurice of Nassau, get it right Breeze.
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India Challenger_Marco
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07 Apr 2021, 15:19

Turk has answered to this ,there should be a option called "by bashing Kaiskerklein".
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Germany Derrien
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07 Apr 2021, 15:22

I found myself getting the biggest jump in improvement by preparing a general game plan (stealing one from youtube) then utilizing it in the ranked ladder -> fail and watch my own recorded game.
Hate myself, because my mistakes are retarded -> Que another match with previous mistakes in mind -> success (at least 54% of the time).

Apart from that I occasionally watch streams and youtube vids for the small total edgecase tips that I hopefully (I won't) remember while I am in a game running under full pressure.
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Spain Snuden
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08 Apr 2021, 12:06

I think learning BO's and execute them well.
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No Flag Astaroth
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08 Apr 2021, 12:08

Watch recs, learn 1-2 decent BOs, play them a lot (bot), generally play a lot, always focus on 1-2 things at once, don't try to "win at all costs", but to e.g. "kite well this game", play more, analyse your recs and mistakes, ask others to analyse your recs, play more. Focus on 1 civ, and 1-2 BOs, play a lot.
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Great Britain thomasgreen6
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08 Apr 2021, 12:47

Religiously following this guide:

'I'm gonna win this and I'm just gonna enjoy it' - Tibia 2k18
No Flag RefluxSemantic
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08 Apr 2021, 13:39

I think that to improve you need to abort the idea of playing the game normally and start playing just to improve. Eg find a practice partner and just try to figure out a mu without actually playing to win. Have discussions, simply figure out certain timings and deliberately test bo's against eachother.

But thats kinda boring. Tbh you should just try to have fun. Getting better sucks, getting better means more salty opponents, balance issues get more problemaric, there is less room for creative builds or fun strats, mapscrews get even worse and its harder to find games. Maybe you can use it to boost your self esteem or self worth but I'd argue you should be happy with who you are and love yourself regardless of your video game performance.
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