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No Flag Astaroth
Posts: 857

02 May 2021, 21:10

... implore you to resign"

That is all, great series lol.
No Flag uberjz
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ESO: WoodPusher

02 May 2021, 21:13

higher quality gameplay has never been seen in the entire history of this game
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Latvia harcha
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ESO: hatamoto_samurai

02 May 2021, 21:30

not the hero we wanted but the hero we deserved
princeofcarthage wrote:remember Prince warned about it years ago
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Italy Garja
ESOC Maps Team
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ESO: Garja

02 May 2021, 21:37

so far 2021 not that better than 2020
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No Flag Squamiger
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ESO: Squamiger

03 May 2021, 01:54

Breeze seems like a real manchild
We renounce everything except victory.
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India pasha
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03 May 2021, 04:06

Both players played well.

Casting was also great.
The last game of Russia and Lakota was insane

Breeze next Kynesie
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European Union aaryngend
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Location: Germany
Clan: N3O

03 May 2021, 07:43

15mins in, 80% of british army consists of Muskets but still no musket upgrade cards sent :P
Had he won that one it would have been 3-0...
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Turkey breeze
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03 May 2021, 08:48

I wonder if dont_Artie could actually sleep last night after mourning for hours, take it easy haha.
dont_artie_fucktardie.png (5.96 KiB) Viewed 399 times
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Kaiserklein wrote:I'm not gonna stream for a community which accepts breeze in it
2ndlieüténant wrote:Organ guns unpack béttér
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Great Britain Riotcoke
ESOC Media Team
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ESO: Riotcoke
Location: Dorsetshire
Clan: UwU

03 May 2021, 09:18

breeze wrote:I wonder if dont_Artie could actually sleep last night after mourning for hours, take it easy haha.

Don.PNG (8.71 KiB) Viewed 385 times
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Malawi princeofcarthage
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ESO: Princeofcarthage
Location: Milky Way!

03 May 2021, 11:58

Who won anyways? Looks like Breeze did but just to be sure.
Fine line to something great is a strange change.
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Switzerland sebnan12
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ESO: Mongobillione
Location: Switzerland

03 May 2021, 12:06

Breeze ofc hes way too good at not quitting
"Why are you trying to lecture me on my own language, no wonder you people shit in the open street."- Riotcoke

''man he's slow rolling him more than a fish on a royal flush'' - Garja


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