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ESO: Thelastmusket

25 Nov 2021, 05:29

Hey Everyone,

I haven't seen too much talk around them and was wondering what everyone's thoughts were?

I have ONLY played them so far and I have 30 Hours of game time. So here are my Thoughts...

- their prelates are kinda good early if you can get 2-3
- land marks are lowkey better than people think, the age 2 blacksmith with discount upgrades pays off more than I can count. I havent tried the other landmark yet but my thoughts are that it seems very situational on the map and potentially the match up. Their Age 3 landmarks are Awesome as well. the Cathedral is OP once i get 3 relics i take villagers off gold and move them to food and the gold produced by it can sustain all units and upgrades til age 4. The other landmark has come in Clutched too as ive needed to really pump out some troops in some sticky situations. The Age 4 towncenter landmark gives that final boost to the eco going into the late game.
-Upgrades and units seem Tanky AF the only real issues ive run into are seige units and mass gunpowder units. once the late game happens if i have a decent economy I feel i have no problem streaming units back into the battle to support my depleted forces.

Also my goal is always to get 3 TCs

So id love everyones thoughts as mostly i see french and mongols being talked about
Netherlands don_artie
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ESO: don artie

25 Nov 2021, 11:07

I basically heard that the hre old dudes are bugged and sometimes stop buffing up vills which is why I haven't played the civ just yet, however played against/seen it a bit and I think the civ is gonna be the best civ somewhere in the future. The age 4 landmark is insane so I've seen some 10 min imperials with hre on maps like black forest just getting to that landmark and spamming 12 food 5 sec producing vills or something. Also the relics are very good, 300gold/min basically allows you to put vills on other res and spam knights/maa/siege etc. Right now I'd say the main hre weakness is dealing with agression/being able to get the relics and hold on. Once they pick up a few relics, they should be ahead, so having played against it i'm trying to make sure they get 1 relic max. If there will be a patch that allows for more passive play like for example a tc that can choose what target to attack etc, basically if the game becomes more passive, hre will be top civ I think. So yeah, it's definitly a civ i'm looking into picking up in the future.

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