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Canada dansil92
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08 Jan 2022, 16:19

im glad im not the only one who loves melee war wagons

Ah also, don't quote me please, not meaning you but I'm generally not interested in arguing with cringe guys ty.
France Kaiserklein
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08 Jan 2022, 16:56

Idk make the unit more interesting
I think the unit is at least more interesting than the regular goon kind of units. Not sure why they'd need a change in particular from a design standpoint.
Regarding balance, they'd need a small buff I guess, but that would imply some other nerf to keep the civ balanced. Which is awkward as I think Germany is in a good spot currently, so going for balance changes is risky.
I have something in particular against Kaisar (GERMANY NOOB mercenary LAMME FOREVER) And the other people (noobs) like suck kaiser ... just this ..
Great Britain Hazza54321
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08 Jan 2022, 17:36

think the unit is fine. sick blud vs musk huss and bad vs skirm goon. not like german struggles vs skirm goon unless its heavily carded
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Germany Lukas_L99
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08 Jan 2022, 21:00

but what about your obssession with putting ww in melee mode?! @Garja
What the G said
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Mexico Plutonic
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09 Jan 2022, 20:44

Now with DE on maps like Great Plains a german player only needs 250w and a card slot for Dance Halls (which is now called Theaters I believe) and you're off living the skirm/goon dream. Comancheros are still 3pop goons but at least they're almost half the price of a WW and they're cardable too which also counts I guess...

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