WW with artillery tag and double armor

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Re: WW with artillery tag and double armor

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im glad im not the only one who loves melee war wagons
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Re: WW with artillery tag and double armor

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Garja wrote:Idk make the unit more interesting
I think the unit is at least more interesting than the regular goon kind of units. Not sure why they'd need a change in particular from a design standpoint.
Regarding balance, they'd need a small buff I guess, but that would imply some other nerf to keep the civ balanced. Which is awkward as I think Germany is in a good spot currently, so going for balance changes is risky.
LoOk_tOm wrote:I have something in particular against Kaisar (GERMANY NOOB mercenary LAMME FOREVER) And the other people (noobs) like suck kaiser ... just this ..
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Re: WW with artillery tag and double armor

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think the unit is fine. sick blud vs musk huss and bad vs skirm goon. not like german struggles vs skirm goon unless its heavily carded
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Re: WW with artillery tag and double armor

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Hazza54321 wrote:but what about your obssession with putting ww in melee mode?! @Garja
What the G said
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Re: WW with artillery tag and double armor

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Now with DE on maps like Great Plains a german player only needs 250w and a card slot for Dance Halls (which is now called Theaters I believe) and you're off living the skirm/goon dream. Comancheros are still 3pop goons but at least they're almost half the price of a WW and they're cardable too which also counts I guess...

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