Americans Strategy

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Americans Strategy

Post by grizzgolf »

Anyone have any good build/deck orders for the Americans? I want to use them online but I dont even know where to start with them.
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Re: Americans Strategy

Post by Mr_Bramboy » has a lot of strategies, but I can't vouch for the quality.

Drongo made the following video 11 months ago. It might be outdated, I am not sure.

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Germany Kartoffel Joe
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Re: Americans Strategy

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Post by Kartoffel Joe » plays a lot of usa
Kiribati callentournies
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Re: Americans Strategy

Post by callentournies »

usa succ
jus a bish
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Serbia ShinkuroYukinari
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Re: Americans Strategy

Post by ShinkuroYukinari »

1. Build the "Golden Arches" wonder.
2. Destroy all native sites.
3. Trigger Revolt for enemy, so militia become your units.
4. If that fails, blockade all their shipments.
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