The Spanish logistician and 2v

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The Spanish logistician and 2v

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To cut a little with the good drama, I bring a small contribution.
The following occurred to me, advance with logistics and spam infinite 2v. It didn't seem like a big deal to me, but I tried it and it seems acceptable. I tested this on my smurf, which is at 1500 ELO, here are some results.



Another game




The truth is, it gives you a good eco and allows you to push early, but I don't know if it's better than the crates.

The good thing is that if you use trastamara house, you can instantly advance to fortress age.
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Re: The Spanish logistician and 2v

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a fascinating adaptation. this might be pretty solid in team games as well
look wrote:
06 Jun 2022, 21:43
with all due respect, this is the kind of comment that should not be taken into consideration.
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Re: The Spanish logistician and 2v

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im not sold on logi. making your good cards expensive mid game to send 2v and change doesnt seem worth
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Re: The Spanish logistician and 2v

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Capitalism is better than 2v for the first time you send 2v and 5v is better than 2v after like 5 or 6 shipments of 2v (where the added res are unimpactful)
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Re: The Spanish logistician and 2v

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Post by andrewgs »

your screenshots show less res and less units than standard spain
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Re: The Spanish logistician and 2v

Post by leg[] »

I just think there's probably better cards in this game than spamming 2x villagers.

What about all the other ones once you've sent that a few times, even if it was working and you had a slight eco against a worse opponent?
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Re: The Spanish logistician and 2v

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Post by Plantinator »

Might as well throw eco theory in (as well as capitalism)

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