MatchUps for Mexico

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MatchUps for Mexico

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Hey Guys, after getting to an accepable level with France, I am here to ask you about another civ, namely Mexico.

I already have a rather standard age 2 play, 3 ffs, a booms strat as well as an Idea of a basic FI strat.
My questions are about the Matchups for Mexico.

What are bad MUs for Mexico? how do you play against lakota or Brits? Japan and Russia? France? Really looking forward to hearing from you!
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Re: MatchUps for Mexico

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Mexico is such an adaptable civ, there are countless strats with them. It's difficult to say MU's vs specific civs because they have so many different strats. I would personally play age 2 vs Brits and Japan, shipping 5 & 4 vills (or pikes vs japan to take shrines down first) whilst making some units to harass and then revolt into CA and ship falcs whilst making revolutionaries.
You can rush these civs too, send your age 1 hacienda as an fb to use as a shipment point.
I like doing the revolt ff shipping 3 towers in CA revolt as protection, however this doesn't work vs all the civs.
If you want more in depth guides etc, pm me on twitch or catch one of my streams as I play Mexico very often.

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