DLC giveaway!! + New Discord community, with lots guides!

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DLC giveaway!! + New Discord community, with lots guides!

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Dear beloved AOE3 DE community,

A few of us wanted to do something nice for the AOE3 community, especially for new players and help out people playing new civs.

With that in mind, we're giving away a number of gift DLCs (USA, Mexico, African Royals, Knights of the Mediterranean) to inaugurate our new Discord server Free Food Party! - https://discord.gg/mwdZhs46

We're giving away:
  • 2x Knights of the Mediterranean DLC
  • 2x African Royals DLC
  • 2x Mexico DLC
  • 2x USA DLC
The server has lots of basic build orders + decks for many of the civs (a work in progress!), and many more are to come.

A group of us play regularly on the voice chats and we're always welcoming new players to drop by and have some fun.

To get into the draw is simple - just join within the next 72 hours (link above) and say hello in the Canteen :smile: - Deadline by the end of Monday 4th of July GMT.

You must have a Steam ID so we can send you the gift - if you already have the DLC, you can ask for another DLC or nominate a friend to receive it :smile:

We look forward to seeing you at the Free Food Party!

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Re: DLC giveaway!! + New Discord community, with lots guides!

Post by XiLED »

Hello brother, I'd like to join that discord but it says that the invite link is expired

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