Squam's Scenarios and Screenshots Server

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Squam's Scenarios and Screenshots Server

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Hey all, I am making a discord server focused around AoE3 scenarios and screenshots. This is meant to be a place to share and compile AoE3 scenarios and AoE3 screenshots.

One aim is sharing scenarios, finding players for scenario games, and getting all the old legacy scenarios like Arena, Cards, Time to Micro, Collosseum/Wollosseum working in DE and updated with the new civs. If you know anything about how scenario editing in DE works, let me know!

The other aim is to be a place for discussing and making screenshot art, for the screenshot competitions that I’ve been hosting.

Here’s the link, come join: https://discord.gg/thtuKe7H9h
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Re: Squam's Scenarios and Screenshots Server

Post by AndiAOE »

Why not using the existing server? I think there is an existing server doing the same thing

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