Hausa BO: 4Emir_Kingslayer_KingdomBuilder

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Hausa BO: 4Emir_Kingslayer_KingdomBuilder

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4 Emir - KingSlayer - KingdomBuilder
Purpose : This Hausa buildorder sets the tone of the game by enabling you to build not just a colony but a kingdom, The true essence of how Hausa should be played, given their unique civ features.
Build Order :
DECK: ... nknown.png

AGE 1:
- Build your livestock market with the starting Hausa builder, task your 4 cattle to it. Place this behind your TC but close to have TC Fire so that there are no surprise cattle snipes by enemy vills.
- Build a Granary and try to kill & gather from hunts close to granary, the radius is very small, you'll miss the +10% gather bonus if you try to gather just a bit far from Granary radius. Your age up will be delayed if you are not careful.
- Sell a cow at 150w, first do hunting dogs and then build a house. It's easy to build a house and forget about hunting dogs and wonder why food gather rate is very slow and why you don't have 800F yet to age up.
- Treasure Hunting: Your hero is fast and can out run many treasure guardians, try to kite guardians effectively, use Chaos ability after taking a couple of hits first so that guardians are dead before chaos runs out.
- CARD 1 : "Emir of Katsina" gives you 1 Emir + 1 hausa builder. This is a bit controversial but integral to the build. More on this later. Build a trade post at the trade line, switch it to get influence
- Use both Emirs to gather remaining treasures before you age up.
- CARD 2: "Kingslayer" If your age up is delayed until 13 vills and/find couple of XP treasures, you'll have a second shipment before Age2 ready. Sending kingslayer now helps in hunting down opponent's hero before they get a chance to scout you. If you can't send this card now, you might be able to send before first engagement (so hit or miss) and you might be tempted to send other shipments then.
- Age up with HAUSA which gives a Hausa builder + 300w, enables Hausa tech at university very important for this build.

- Expand on the map to couple of hunts, build granaries and get ready to train some units. Gather at least 150c. 100 for Snares, 50 to be able to Q a Javelins
- Research Tribal societies
- (optional) If possible, gather 200w+200c to be able to build a university in transition, but this slows you down significantly, you'll get to 4 universities a bit later but not end of the world if not done here.
- Rest of vills on Food. You can always sell cattle for wood/coin in a crunch but loss of safe hunts will hurt you bad.

AGE 2:
- Build a warcamp with the ageup hausa builder. Gather 300 wood, build couple of houses, research Snares (second food gathering upgrade at granary)
- CARD 3: Send 5 Raiders and Q a javelin Raider. By the time this shipment arrives, you should be able to get a full batch of Javelins out and you try to raid.
- Sell a cattle or two while you are raiding to get 200w+200c and build a university close to the trade post built in age1.
- CARD 4: Palace of Amina, gives a palace builder and 300 influence. Build this close to the university already being built near the first trade post.
- Train a second batch of units to add to your army, don't over commit and lose your mass, your eco is not quick enough to afford to lose units, if the opponents have counter units, you chose between Raiders & Javelins numbers adapt units as needed. The aim here to have speed to run away from fights if need be, not to commit and win the fight.
- Gather 300 influence, You'll have accrued close to 800 influence by now, Research two Kingdom builders. Build a university+palace close to first town.
- CARD 5: Send 700 influence - enough for two more kingdom builders - Build a university+palace next to a native tradepost you secured from the opponent.
- CARD 6: Send 600 influence - enough for two more kingdom builders - Build a university+palace close to new hunts and mines as you expand on the map. Careful to scout before you send builders there or you'll lose them to away from LOS enemy raiding units.
Getting ready to age up:
- Most villagers should be on food, Sell cattle for your wood needs so far, new vills to coin but you'll not have a lot of reserves since you are training full batches of units.
- If you have secured enough hunts so far and built all 4 univeristies next to 4 palaces next to either tradeposts or towncenter, your influence trickle is good enough to Levi units in a crunch or train Maigadi if need be.
- CARD 7: Send 700 coin - gather them and age up or train griots. For prolonged age 2 battles, you'll have 600c still to age up as well, so don't hesitate to spend 700 coin to have couple of more batches of units.
- Age up with Morocco (to get mosque and XP crates)

Transition to age 3:
- If your position is secure enough, complete coin and wood gathering market upgrades.
- Complete "Bayajidda Epic" gives you the third Emir

Age 3:
The following card order can vary depending on in-game status.
- CARD 8: "Emire of Kano" Gives you an Emir + 9 Maigadi.
- Now you have 4 Emir's who's HP increases proportional to enemy units and decent supporting unit mass
- Complete age3 unit upgrades & get ready to enage.
- CARD 9: Send counter Cavalry tactics if you have a large mass of Javelin Raiders
- Research two more kingdom builders to build two Town centers near already built universities.
- CARD 10: Send Jakunawa (5 Griots + 5 villagers)
- CARD 11: Send Maguzawa (Griot upgrade) and engage.
- From here on out, you won't lose any fights as your Heros will be tanking, Griots will be intimidating enemy units while supporting units (Raiders, Javelins, Maigadi) are thinning enemy numbers.

Rest of the game:
- Once you get into a position where you don't have to remass lost units, Q 3 vills from 3 towns
- As game goes along, research Hausa Bakwai (town center build limit increases +3 ), use kingdom builders to build the new towns.
- Send 1000 coin and age up to 4, send Royal Fortifications, use palace builders to build palaces next to new TCs.
- Research Bansa Bakwai (3 kingdom builders + university build limit increases +3), build them next to your newly created town centers

If the game goes even longer: (For team games)
- you'll have 99 vills, all transitioned to farms
- 7 Town centers, 7 Palaces, 7 universities, several trade posts & unkillable army

MORE on this build
[SP] Teno[BR] vs Vindian[HA] - MinasGerais.age3yrec
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Re: Hausa BO: 4Emir_Kingslayer_KingdomBuilder

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this build seems really interesting and I feel like I've encountered people doing it on the ladder, but no comments here yet. what do people think?
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Re: Hausa BO: 4Emir_Kingslayer_KingdomBuilder

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Well, it is too greedy. Especially after unit nerfs. Aiz tried it on stream, didnt work out.

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