Landwehr, Chevauleger and Prince-Electors

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Landwehr, Chevauleger and Prince-Electors

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What's the point of the cards activating these for Germany?
I'm trying to understand whether there is any situation, where sending the cards to activate Landwehr, Chevauleger or the Prince-Elector stuff is worth it or at least a fun thing to do.

Landwehr seems to be just worse than simple skirmishers. While they are relatively cheap and do higher base damage, they lack range and don't perform better against infantry than skirmishers. They also don't have a royal guard upgrade and lack upgrade cards. Why would you ever send this?

Chevaulegers look like tilted versions of standard dragoons, having 235hp instead of the usual 200hp but lower dmg output against cav due to only 2.5 multiplier. And they happen to be more expensive than dragoons with 110f/90g. What's the point? Are War Wagons considered so bad that you should send a costly homecity shipment to get a relatively bad standard goon for it?

The Prince-Electors allow you to pick a German house and then produce its native units, but doesn't grant you access to its technologies. That's just strictly worse than the French Bourbon stuff, where you can get its excellent XP tech that makes the shipment pay for itself.
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Re: Landwehr, Chevauleger and Prince-Electors

Post by Don Nameless »

I would say very useless units, little range for more attacks I prefer to use the range is much better otherwise why should I invest in a 3 age card that gives me a sort of crossbowmen. Those Prinz horses instead seem useless for the cost they have but essentially useless for Germany which has war wagons that are much better. The Prince-Electors I don't know how to play it so dunno it could be useful if they give you technologies but if they only give you bonus units it's pretty useless
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