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FPL India Guide

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FPL India Guide



1 - Introduction
2 - Glossary
3 - Wonders & Agra Placement
4 - Starting Macro
5 - Use Of consulate and it's armies
6 - Holding Timing Push
7 - Water Adapt
8 - Build Orders
9 - Decks
10 - Match-Ups
11 - Credits


Ajiv : Omg this looks soo good! I start playing Sup now
JulianK : Why didn't you share this guide with me earlier!
Feldherr Tobi : Vielen Dank für diese Anleitung
Gibthedurrty : Oh Revnak no, You make me reinstall Aoe3 again..
Gkshaman : Where is your mention for the tiger claw FI?!?
Kartoffel Joe : I skipped my gym session to read this guide.

If you passed the joke part, let's go to the guide :P

Section 1: Introduction

India is a flexible civilization; you can almost do everything: Rush, Water boom, Timing push, Semi-ff. However, it is a slow civilization with major issues against early age 3 aggression, which can be dealt with as you progress through the civilization. I will try to make this guide easy to understand for beginner players as well, so that I am adding and Aoe3 glossary :flowers: If you have more questions about this guide, feel free to contact me on discord.


- TC : Town Center, The building of your hometown.
- FF : Fast Fortress. The idea is reaching to age 3 as soon as possibly to make fortress age units and get advantage from it.
- MU : Match Up, Referring to contest between 2 civilizations, different or the same.
- BO : Build Order, in aoe3 it's generally used as reference to combine with the card order of shipments sent from
- Wonder : Buildings exclusive to the Asian Civilizations, used by them to age up instead of picking politicians.
- Timing push = a power spike in a moment, used for military pushes
- To contain = The play of controlling the map and denying the opponent resources.
- Kiting = The play of using ranged units for advantage to shoot especially against non ranged units or lower
ranged units.
- Scouting = Used as a way to explore and get information to improve the game plan, finding closest resources,
treasures, opponent's plan etc.
- Herding : the action of shooting a herd in a specific direction, usually to get them closer to your town center or
- Semi ff : or Semi fast-fortress. The idea is to train some units in the commerce age while keeping the goal of
going for the fortress age.
- Vills : Villagers, The economic production unit of your hometown.
- Agra : Agra fort, Indian wonder
- Karni : Karni mata, Indian wonder
- Charmi : Charminar gate, Indian wonder
- Tower of Victory : Indian wonder
- Distributivism : 1.25 wood trickle shipment, in age 1
- Foreign Logging : 2.35 wood trickle shipment, in age 2

Starting Macro

Start by gathering wood crates with 3 villagers, 1 villager fixing the hunt towards town center, split elephant explorers seperately but in the same direction not the opposite, and check for a treasure you can claim, after crate gathering is done have enough villagers on wood to keep the villager production, rest villagers on wood as well as new villagers from town center,Have enough villagers on wood to keep constant villager production until 2:40 minute mark and rest on food, which is around 4-6 villagers on wood until you have wood to have 12-13 villagers in queue, with the first shipment arriving Usually it's ideal to age around 3 minutes mark with having a flexible macro, 1-2 vills on wonders are ideal but 1 is ideally the best. Before aging you should already decide on which build order you will execute, there are only 2 viable wonders you can go as India, Agra fort or Karni Mata,

Wonders & Agra Placement

Wonder placement and picking the right wonder is essential to improve with India because it has huge impacts. If you are planning to start a greedy opening, karni mata opening can help you more, If you want to both contain and boom, mid map or defensive agra placement can help you more, if you want to play aggressive, you can place you agra forward but it's generally not great idea to put aggressive or mid map agra against civs that have semi-ff potentials since it's not easiest to hold the pushes. Against civs like Spain FF you can even do an agra placement beside your town center to benefit from defend potentials most.

Use Of consulate and it's armies

As India, you have great potentials to use from consulate, Brit consulate gives a decent HP bonus for your land units and musketeers with shadow tech and with Otto consulate you can get much great line of sight, 3 delis, extra mm, generally Otto consulate is the best option to start with, unless you are getting rushed it's better to wait 300 export shipment diplomatic Intrigue to arrive since it also gives -75 export cost for the alliances you choose, it's important to not forget it. Generally unless you are playing very hard fight focused game in age 3, it's best to stay otto consulate for a long time since you can have great LOS potentials and successful raids on the map overall with free delis you recieve.

Holding timing push

Some timing pushes are not easiest to hold for India, especially Spain or Haud FF style pushes can be harder to hold, aztec age 2 timing push or Russia can give India hard pressure in age 2, make sure to make your agra fort besides your town center against this kind of a hard push, have some walls around and for the final hold, have all your MMs out from the town center, otto consulate MM, explorers, and use snare function well to surround opponent army. Against civs like Spain push, you want to surround your delis and sowars even more to make sure you are holding it well.

Water adapt

You can adapt water easily on maps with sea boom, It is also one of the best anti water civ since you can place agra fort on the coast and siege elephants are quite hard to deal for warships, if you are going for semi water boom, best moment is doing so with shipping 700 wood first in age 2, and just place a dock, slowly train fishing boats, it doesn't effect your land unit mass a lot while giving you a huge economy boost in the long run. Against full water boom civs, you sometimes can even naked FF for shipping 2 siege elephants first and push to shore line with sepoy gurkha siege ele and can even ship frigate to catch the fishing boats.

Build Orders


BO : Distributivism > Foreign Logging > 700 coin

Make a defensive Agra, make some units to defend like 5 Sepoy 5Gurkha, keep making sepoys in transition to age3 and when you you just age , ship 8 - 7 Gurkha. and try to get the most damage out of him. I prefer to age with Tower Of Victory to boost ur eco doing this build.


BO : Distributivism > Foreign Logging > 700 coin

In this one, try to kill his TP with sepoys then age up. You will be the defender in early age3,Card order can't be specific. If you held early age3 without too much damage, you should win later on.

12 Sepoy Rush

BO : Distributivism > 5 Sepoys > Foreign Logging or 700 wood

You can whether put 3-4 vills building the wonder and build a market later on, or put 2 vills and make a market in transition , it's your choice. Focus on getting good treasures in age1. with 12 Sepoys try to siege his houses or target some of his vills. Then back to his TP and destroy it.

Karni Mata Play

BO : Distributivism > Foreign Logging > 300 export(vills) > 700 gold

In this build order, try to go as greedy as you can, you can add a barrack or stable and raid or push opponent with few units, ideally not more than 5 and scout what opponent is doing. In age3 add tc's around the map and if opponent is sieging them try to get a good pop with Urumi or Mahouts.

Greedy Contain with Agra

BO : Distributivism > Foreign Logging > 300 export(4vills or Delis) > 700 coin.

In this strat, you wanna be greedy as you can. I usually keep 9 vills on wood till I get the consulate. take the small market upgrades in transition to age2, in early stage of the game. I would recommend to push with 6-7 sepoys into opponent's base. Explore what oppnent is doing, if you see units from opponent, you can generally kill the first 5 batch if your push is not so late, otherwise 2nd batch might be soon on the way so be careful if your push is late.

Defensive Agra play

BO : Distributivism > Foreign Logging > 300 export(Delis or MM) > 5 Sepoy/4 sowars > adapt to age if you can.

Against civs like Spain Otto FF or age 2 pressure it's better start defensive. I usually keep 9 vills on wood till I get the consulate. take the small market upgrades in transition to age2, in early stage of the game. I would recommend to start gurkha wall if it's an age 2 timing civ, with some sepoys behind, otherwise full sepoy start is better against all in civs like spain since you will need a lot of melee and surround to get the 2 falconets down,

Timing Push

BO : Distributivism > 7OO wood > 300 export(Delis) > foreign logging> 700 coin

I recommend doing this strat in open maps with a semi forward Agra . You wanna get market upgrades in transition to age2, send 700 wood, build a TP , consulate, and make a timing push at 7-8 mins , You should push with some Gurkha and Sepoys , leave your cav at the opposite side of your push(in any corner xD) and raid when he is distracted, the main goal in this strat is whether to idle some of his vills or force a fight.

Timing push, early age 3 aggression, greedy ff.

Sowar Timing Push.

BO : Distributivism > 700 wood > 700 coin> 4 sowars

Market in transition to age2, Add a stable with 700 wood, then don't leave any villager to gather wood until ur wood finishes, keep them on food and coin to Keep producing Sepoys and Sowars with 700coin . wait for 4 sowar shipment and then go . You will be having a decent amount of sepoys and 8-10 sowars before he ages.

Consulate Rush

BO : > Distributivism > 300 export(RedCoats) > 5 sepoys.

If your opponent is FFing or going ultra greed, you usually try to force him send an age2 card, while keeping sieging his stuff. For these strategies, consulate rush is solid and a great build order you can execute.


Deck for Standard Land


Deck for Standard Water


Deck for Defensive Land


Deck for Defensive Water



In this MU,try to age up very early. It's fine to delay building the market till your third batch of units. I put 4 vills on agra and try to hit an age up around 4:15 with vills 13-14 age up. Afterwards send 5 sepoys or Foreign logging whatever u like, and the important thing is to keep destroying troops while having good trades against Caroleans. Gurkha + Sepoy does great against sweden in age 2, you can try sowar + delis to get light cannons. Recommended build order is Greedy contain with Agra



An interesting MU, You can play it either by going mid agra in the map with contain, Try to poke with the gurkhas you have and boom as much as you can, in age 3 you want to protect your 2 siege elephants and let it do the work, since Inca can't coutner it with it's current unit range you should be good to defend and siege as much as you can, dropping TCs around the map can be helpful as well. Both 800w wonder age up and Mansabdar wonder age up work well. some sepoys to protect from chimu raid push to your gurkhas, mahout sepoy gurkha should be good composition with some zamburaks. Recommended build order is Greedy Agra Contain



Usually I like to add Zams with 700 wood in this MU, and make a mix of sepoys/Gurkha/Zams/But be careful if Lakota doing a pure FF, you wanna put pressure on him, keep scouting your opponent's base. Recommended build order is Defensive Agra Play



Similar match up like france germany. I like to do a timing push then stay more age2 against haud is age3, Because if India semi-ff it has no answer to strong strong skirms and goons. Recommended build order is Defensvie Agra Opening



In a mirror, there are multiple strategies to do, boom with a Karni Mata, do a rush, waterboom, it depends on what opponent is doing. In some maps you have to fight for map control so prepare a decent amount of Gurkha and Sepoys/zam in age2. Raiding with consulate delis are important, Sepoy Gurkha Mahout with few zamburaks can be an ideal composition. Recommended build order is Greedy contain with agra or Karni Mata start



Against germany, you can play it the way you play against france and haud, Sowar timing push or 12 sepoy rush can have chance to work, you can also try to make defensive dock play in some water maps where you try to win with a better economy in the long run, Agra fort helps a lot in this mu. Recommended build order is Sowar Timing Push or Semi-ff or Greedy contain with defensive agra placement



I prefer to do a timing push then age up behind in this mu. Timing push with a little hit into age 3 contain helps, you want to make sure Italy isn't going to age 4 freely since It's quite hard to deal against age 4 Italy skirmishers with gurkhas.

TP on transition to age2 , market with 700 wood.Keep producing sepoys and when Delis arrive just go in.Idle his vills and preventing from going to age3 early. You can easily clean him in age2.Don't overcommit under the tc too much Recommended build order is Timing Push or Semi-ff



There are multiple ways to play this MU , but usually I like to do damage in age2 then follow up to age3. Recommended build order is Greedy Contain With Agra or Semi-ff



BO : Foreign Logging or 700 wood > 300 Export British Consulate Or Otto for MM.

Build a tp during transition, with 700 wood build a market. Spanish players will usually FF and do a falconet push. I prefer to stay in age2 against that. .If you see a forward outpost, you must destroy it with Sepoys. Keep producing Sepoys. Snipe Falconets with ur sepoy mass then adapt. If u don't feel comfortable playing in age2, then just semi- ff your self with 12 sepoys. and ship Siege Elephants. Recommended build order is Defensive opening or Greedy contain if spain stays age 2



in this MU, don't underestimate Russia if u have low hunts in your base. Can't give a specific BO. Usually try to survive in age2, and keep scouting what he's doing. Against a Russia player that goes heavily on Cossack/musk and little sterlets, you can make Sepoys Gurkha. In the other hand, if you see him massing Musk + Strelet only, I would prefer to go Gurkha/ Zam/Sowar.Find a windows to go to age3. If you feel can win in age2 then don't be scared to push. Try to raid Russia with 3 delis and couple of zams because most likely he will send back Cossack to catch ur raids. Try to raid at hunts of Russia. Recommended build order is Defensive Agra Opening



Siege his TP, do not let por and follow him up to age3 then you can whether send siege elephants if he's pushing with organs or ship Gurkhas.Use mahouts to win the skirm war. You wanna add an extra TC at some point.Recommended build order is Greedy Contain With Agra or Timing Push once port is age 3 to deny that town center.



it used to be a competitive MU, but now it's a good mu for India, becareful any single mistake will cost you the game. I prefer to send foreign logging first, and siege 1-2 shrines. then you can go 4 sowar if opponent is massing yumi & clubs, or 300 export and send vills. beaware that if he's sending Kami, then I would recommend 12 Sepoys rush to destroy more of his shrines or idle him in base. In age 3 try to add 1-2 extra tc's, so you can outgather Japan's eco. Recommended build order is Greedy Contain With Agra or Semi-ff or Timing Push



Tough MU, but still winnable, usually china players will just FF. I like to do 2 strats, consulate rush, or In age2 siege trading post with some Sepoys, you can age up with charminar gate to get an extra mahout if you like and prepare to hold his push with 15 sepoys + 3 mahouts. Or u can ship 8-7 Gurkhas and try to win the skirm war. this Strat allows China to have a windows to age4, so keep scouting and punish him if he is aging 4. Recommended build order is Consulate Rush, Semi-ff Into Mahouts



Recently, It feels better to go Karni Mata against them. With 700 wood can add 1-2TPS, a consulate , be greedy as you can, while producing units at the same time.Try to poke his army with Gurkha. In age3 try to win with mahout power spikes. If u see an FF then you need to follow up quickly, and ship Siege elephants. Recommended build order is Semi-ff or Karni



Mexico rush is common, so I will recommend Market in transition, make a defensive Agra, keep massing both sepoys & gurkha and you will be able to hold. 700w> 300 export for otto consulate to hold can help in this mu. Recommended build order is Defensive Opening



I like to rush them because they seem too slow . I suggest this one, Put 4 vills to build your Agra, with good treasures and a 13 vill up you age at around 4:00-4:15 then ship 5 sepoys.Due to their lack of MM, It is very rewarding to rush them, siege the houses before they produce any units. Recommended build order is 12 Sepoy Rush, Brit Consulate Rush



Similar to Ethiopia, Hausa is not a fast civ, you can do early Sepoy rush or Consulate push which has huge chance of working. Recommended build order is 12 Sepoy Rush or Consulate Rush



Semi Forward Agra, a market in transition to age2,keep 9 vills on the wood until you get the consulate, Don't be scared to kite with gurkhas. If opponent is pushing your agra be prepared with Otto MM . Try to win in age2 or early age3 otherwise it's going to be hard late game Recommended build order is Greedy Contain With Agra or Timing Push



New Abus gunners are great against everything, they even do decent damage against cav now. Still you want to try cav start against Otto, against 2 falconets FF push it's better to go semi-ff and ship Siege Eephants. Otherwise if you see Otto massing Abus in age2, Don't trade Gurkhas with Abus, try to get a good surround with ur own Delis and target TC fire to Abus. Try to get advantage of any Otto's mistake. Also don't forget to place your Agra in a good defensive position. Recommended build order is Defensive Opening or Greedy Contain With Agra or Sowar timing push if opponent starts deli



A tricky match up, ideally this mu is played either by a timing push in age 2, or going for karni mata based play into age 3 where you place forward town centers and then try to protect from there with good MM pop from TC,

Note:If the game goes late game, try to trade some of Mahouts against his skirm. Pure Gurkha will be useless because Gurkhas have low range and gonna lose to Dutch's skirms. You can aslo go for some Sepoys/Gurkha and cav with proper micro you can clean opponent in age2, idle a bit, sometimes you want to stay more in age2, it depends the game goes. Recommended build order is Greedy Contain With Agra, Karni play, Timing Push



An interesting and a good MU. But it's not as easy because a lot of decision making and adapting is required. Need to play it with a sharp mind. On open maps timing push essentially helps, generally both agra and karni play are good but agra feels safer option since karni can allow brit player to over boom, try to scout what brit player is doing, raiding with your consulate delis in this mu helps a lot since brit can't switch to hussars very early without losing their economic spike. Recommended build order is Greedy Contain With Agra or Karni Mata Opening or FF



Generally scouting what aztec does is important, if aztec is doing a timing in age2, you wanna start with 700 wood get a consulate then ship 300 export afterwards, be ready to hold his push with full MM, Gurkha and Sepoys. Meanwhile if both of you going to play in age3 then mass Gurkha and kite with them.You should be fine. Recommended build order is Defensive Opening or Greedy Contain With defensive Agra if opponent is booming


Thanks Dori for helping with updated Civilization flags and the excellent Deck Builder Website. You can check his project here https://aoe3-companion.web.app/deck-builder

FPL members for helping with this guide.

@Guigs for glossary idea.

@GKShaman for the color tips

You can also check the Royal Pro2Causal Video about India here.

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:flowers: :love:
thebritish wrote:
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So, you are saying that if i watch H20's rec, i can beat anyone below H20's level because i know his BO?
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I have read a piece of the guide and you made me really happy
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Re: FPL India Guide

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Thanks for these guides, please keep going !
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Re: FPL India Guide

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TheNameDaniel wrote:
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Thanks for these guides, please keep going !

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