Hausa - does it even exist anymore?

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Re: Hausa - does it even exist anymore?

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I guess so. But the thing is musk + cavalry composition is not that good outside of age2. So you eventually gonna have to add something else to the composition eventually.

Artillery cost influence and are unrealistic to mass them. So I think the realistic compositions for Hausa is either skirm + goon + cav or skirm + musk + cav. Either way you just gonna have to deal with either Corsair Marksmans or Fulanis. I guess having Dervishes in deck could be helpful as well.
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Re: Hausa - does it even exist anymore?

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I've got an update here from my experiences trying to make hausa work.

I found how to make fulani work for me: Griots. I'd not actually used the unit when I made this post originally. The 2 together have some amazing synergy. I also believe there was a small buff to the fulani multi as well recently. In any case I am doing something like this now:
My build is essentially: Eat first cattle and build market -> queue first vill then use a single vill to herd and build granary while the others finish eating the first cattle -> everyone on food -> when a cattle can be sold for 150w-175w, sell it and build a house and get first food upgrade -> ships 3 vills -> go up with 15 vills with Morocco (Can be 14 if you find a good food treasure) -> get the wood upgrade -> everyone on wood apart from 2-3 vills on food and herding -> chop a TP and 300 wood for a war camp and second food upgrade when you get to age2, then 4 vills on gold, everyone else on food -> send Hausa Kingdoms during transition -> when hitting age 2 build a war camp and sell a cattle for coin to get second food upgrade + get coin for first raiders -> collect xp crates and send palace wagon + 300 influence -> finish first batch of raiders
As above, but without the raiders opening. I'm now using the palace shipment influence to get Mission Fervor from the mosque super early and training griots and fulani and -at the moment, desert warriors- but i think i might need to revisit that. They are pretty good muskets though, but they slow down the fulani a bit. I also grab the goat tech at the uni very early. Im pushing with 5 griots, an infantry deathball of DW/Fulani and sometimes the Yoruba shipment age 2. Those are some really strong muskets with insane range, they just slow you down again. The griot speed aura with the stun is really effective with this composition. Age 3 im using the 5 griot 5v shipment, sennar, and lifidi with the above comp, or mixing javelins, whichever works best at the time. you upgrade javs and ful with the same upgrade so its no issue. I also strongly recommend the age 3 griot upgrade card.

Also worth noting: I cannot find a dmg cap in the files for Griots. They deal siege dmg at 16 range and an rof of 1. If you have 10 griots with the upgrade card, they are effectively dealing 90 siege dmg to a single target every 3 seconds, nevermind the splash. With mission fervour very early they also tank an insane amount of dmg for cost.
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Re: Hausa - does it even exist anymore?

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Hausa is good
If I were a petal
And plucked, or moth, plucked
From flowers or pollen froth
To wither on a young child’s
Display. Fetch
Me a ribbon, they, all dead
Things scream.
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Re: Hausa - does it even exist anymore?

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callentournies wrote:
19 May 2023, 02:53
Hausa is good
i am beginning to think that, they just take like two or three times the apm as the noob civs ladder big dogs like otto
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Re: Hausa - does it even exist anymore?

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I play Hausa with all in strat, 4cattles first card age1 - eat a cow at 12 vills - ageup with berbers and raid with Raiders and berber cav. It works 50% of times at my level. I will try using griots with this all in strat. :biggrin:
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Re: Hausa - does it even exist anymore?

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If I were to come back to the game I'd probably try to spam some Hausa games, I really liked the design of the civilization when it was released.
Garja wrote:
20 Mar 2020, 21:46
I just hope DE is not going to implement all of the EP changes. Right now it is a big clusterfuck.

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