Replay Manager - Tool to viewing 3:DE records

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Replay Manager - Tool to viewing 3:DE records

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Post by VladTheJunior »

Hi, I made this application a long time ago, it is available on the official forum, but for numerous requests I publish it here. I will also publish 2 of my other apps for the same reason.

More Details and Download link here:

About The Project
Replay Manager is an update to Records Parser tool from ESO Tracker developed in 2019 for Legacy version of Age of Empires 3. It shows most of the useful information needed to analyze recorded game.

  • Shows general info about recorded game (title, map, game mode, game version, players, civs etc.).
  • Shows ALL (even not used) players decks with ability to make a screenshot.
  • Shows list of all important game actions(chat, train units, build, shipment, spawn unit, research tech, selected deck, resigned, cheat tech) with timestamp.
  • Renaming game records.
  • Shows game summary (winner, apm counter).
  • Open record file from windows explorer (just double click).
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Re: Replay Manager - Tool to viewing 3:DE records

Post by Mr_Bramboy »

Really impressive work!
European Union TranceGate
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Re: Replay Manager - Tool to viewing 3:DE records

Post by TranceGate »

I've been using this tools for a long time and it's really cool, it would be nice if the developers incorporated it into the game but none of this will be done. Good job ^_^
Monaco redrocket
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Re: Replay Manager - Tool to viewing 3:DE records

Post by redrocket »

you're legendary
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Re: Replay Manager - Tool to viewing 3:DE records

Post by Sargsyan »

Russian hackers at it again
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India iron_turtle
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Re: Replay Manager - Tool to viewing 3:DE records

Post by iron_turtle »

Really impressive work. Will definitely come in handy.
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Re: Replay Manager - Tool to viewing 3:DE records

Post by Don Nameless »

Hi, I was using the replay manager but it doesn't seem to work anymore, I don't know if I'm doing something wrong I have something missing in the files. Also the link in the thread no longer works. Was the project closed?
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