Road to 2200

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Road to 2200

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After playing Age of Empires 3 for almost 10 years (2007-2012 and then 2018-now), I've achieved many things. I've racked up innumerable medals, mastered and innovated previously unexplored gamemodes, been hailed as the BoB, and spread my wisdom of the community far abroad. I've spearheaded thousands of dollars worth of events, educated the masses in the arts of "Build order Botting" (BoB for short), and Dragoon Spamming to boot. I've earned a pedestal position for my micromanagement abilities and dismantled multiple Seasonal Champions in bouts of pure mechanics. I've been everywhere and done just about everything this game has to offer. However, for everything that I've achieved, there is one aspect in which I am sorely lacking: my Supremacy-playing mediocrity, a gaping hole of skill in what is Age of Empire's premiere game mode.

My goal is simple: achieve the ELO of 2200. What will be my crowning achievement, I will be streaming the majority of my adventure on my personal twitch channel. What's more is that I will attempt this feat with a handicap, utilizing but a single civilization - that of the Land of the Failing Crow, China. I must give a thank you to @Kawapasaka and @Cometk for the inspiration and confidence to embark on this quest. I principally aim to better myself, but maybe, along the way, dear reader, you might better yourself too.

This thread will detail my journey with no exceptions. Every single game queued, match won, defeat conceded, and connection lost will be documented here with insights, analyses and extrapolations as to my quotidian mindset and performance.

Thank you for being a passenger with me in this upskilling expedition. Without further ado, :bigs: LET'S GO! :mds:
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Re: Road to 2200

Post by aaryngend »

Road to Colonel: Reloaded
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Re: Road to 2200

Post by Hazza54321 »

Proud of you big guy
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Re: Road to 2200

Post by Aizamk »

trying to remember where I've read this before, but unfortunately elifents have bad memory

maybe I read it in the future? sometimes happens...
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Re: Road to 2200

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It’s an old pasta but it checks out
If I were a petal
And plucked, or moth, plucked
From flowers or pollen froth
To wither on a young child’s
Display. Fetch
Me a ribbon, they, all dead
Things scream.
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Re: Road to 2200

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Kudos mini! You are our hero!
Correlation doesn't mean causation.

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Re: Road to 2200

Post by SoldieR »

Wow you inspired me to try and come stop you, until I saw the end :p
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Re: Road to 2200

Post by look »

someone explain to me
Kaiser sucks
Garja Noob
grunt the best
Kickass God

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