Feedback on New Code of Conduct

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Re: Feedback on New Code of Conduct

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Goodspeed wrote:
21 May 2023, 08:37
My position on chat moderation may be controversial but I believe quite strongly in one very simple concept when moderating anything: A moderator should be a tool of the community.

Therefore a mod should only take actions that the community (democratically) agrees should be taken. The hard part about a moderator's job is to figure out what the community wants. The results of below polls might get you started on that, but I'd recommend making similar polls for Twitch chat moderation.

Automod should be on level 1 at most. You shouldn't be moderating for the sake of it. You should be moderating only when enough people are calling for it, or when you know it's something the community is not okay with from experience. When a chat fight gets out of hand and people are clearly over it, a mod should step in. When someone is being particularly toxic and the community is calling for them to be banned, or have done in a similar previous situation, a mod should step in. But if there's no one complaining, why are you moderating? You're wasting your own time for nobody's benefit.

On "bullying": If people are being toxic or stupid enough for the community to bully them out of the chat, they should just get out of the chat and do some self-reflecting. You shouldn't be protecting people like breeze, for example. If he wants to be treated better, he needs to change his own behavior. By protecting people like him you are condoning his behavior, which other people will then replicate.
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Re: Feedback on New Code of Conduct

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Re: Feedback on New Code of Conduct

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don_artie wrote:
20 May 2023, 11:58
Can anybody with more time on their hands make a screenshot collection of all the breeze esoc forum smurfs over the year. It's fucking funny tbh, I'm 100% (or %100 in breeze tongue) sure he's the only one who would write 7/24 instead of 24/7 xD

But since your vpn picked a dutch flag this time around, I welcome you to have a conversation in dutch with me to prove me wrong. My discord is don_artie#2656

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