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Post by Neverseperat »

How come when I send cards in age 1-4, they reappear in age 5?

For context:

Member Metis?

Member Ivan??

Member double decking????

Member MrMilo's VODs?

Member when plantations were called plantations??

Member fire pits??

Member Serb51's undying love for Maggie?? [he's probably online right now waiting for her to come back]

Member when france could instantly spawn GDR????

Member A414A??

Member ES_Paragon?

Member Xfire?

Member when Japan had 99 villager limit?

Member the fun patch?
France iNcog
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Re: Memberberries.

Post by iNcog »

remember quite a few of those actually.
Garja wrote:
20 Mar 2020, 21:46
I just hope DE is not going to implement all of the EP changes. Right now it is a big clusterfuck.
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Latvia harcha
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Re: Memberberries.

Post by harcha »

I wish I knew how many hours my xfire logged
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Re: Memberberries.

Post by aaryngend »

You forgot the best "Member?".

Member the last person to post on agecommunity forums before they closed down?
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Re: Memberberries.

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Post by ocemilky »

Good times on the old agecomm. Still convinced winning one of the end of forum community prizepacks was a troll

Found the photos from the day they arrived 10 years ago - I think I was runner up in some community contribution vote, I think Metis took first place
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Re: Memberberries.

Post by fightinfrenchman »

Neverseperat wrote:
10 Mar 2024, 17:48
Member Metis?
Literally every day
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United States of America Neverseperat
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Re: Memberberries.

Post by Neverseperat »

iNcog wrote:
12 Mar 2024, 12:18
remember quite a few of those actually.
uwu incog I remember you
Switzerland bobabu
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Re: Memberberries.

Post by bobabu »

Member when Aklak beat 7 bots with 100% handicap.
Member when there were only Colonial Civs.
Member when Haudenosaunee was called Iroquois.
Member when Neuron attempted a coup d'état.
Member Age of Empires Star Wars.
Member Cuirassier without training time.

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