legacy Germany main coming to DE

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legacy Germany main coming to DE

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so i recently switched to DE and i wanted to ask the current high ranking players in DE about the current meta Germany build order, is it still the semi ff ?
what are the current counters to the civ ? as well as the easier matchups?
ive seen people talk about how Germany is '' broken'' in the current meta but i really dont see how, there are also so many changes and additions to the cards to the point that i cant even make up my mind anymore. ive won games with the standard deck that's down below but am i missing something important ?
- i usually go semi ff but if i get rushed by some new civs i find it hard to keep up. `
the deck :
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Re: legacy Germany main coming to DE

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Fellow legacy player, here. What do you do with the extra 600 wood ship? I usually find I'm in age 3 by the time I can send it, so I might as well send some other card instead.

First age 2 settler wagons is honestly one of my favorite cards in the game. Train vills til you're up to 9 pop, ship 2 settler wagons.

I also love that TCs are now 500 wood. Shipping 1000 wood is now basically 2 TCs.
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Welcome to DE :)
I wrote a somewhat recent guide about Germany with details on match ups and several decks, hope that can help you : viewtopic.php?t=24958

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Re: legacy Germany main coming to DE

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Not much has really changed for the deck but I'd say the biggest change is the age 3 card that replaces WW with the other type of ranged cavalry, it is a great shipment that makes a huge difference vs civs with lots of low hp cav units like chimu runners for example where normally a WW would massively overkill them and be inefficient. I rarely see people use this but it is the biggest oversight imo and I assume many people are still stuck in their ways.

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