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Recently my computer broke down. I occasionally played the Age of Empires III on that machine. I loaded another laptop with win 7 and added some of my old games. When it came to adding Age III I needed the code, product ID. Seems that it was on the box it came in, which I discarded years ago. So now I have the three discs plus a War Chiefs that will not load on my machine. Is there any workaround for this? Thanks.
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You can find such info online, just use Google. I cannot provide exact help on this forum.
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Note that the Definitive Edition now has a free-to-play version, and the full "Base Game" is also half-off on Steam (making it $9.99 in the US) right now:

However, Steam lists Windows 10 as the minimum OS, so I am not sure that it would work on your Windows 7 machine. The free-to-play edition makes it risk-free to try, though.
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Re: code

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ah man I really miss this UI of ESOC
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Re: code

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callentournies wrote:
15 Mar 2024, 22:40
ah man I really miss this UI of ESOC
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