Is india nerfed?

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Is india nerfed?

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Hi everyone, can someone give me some tips for using india, i'm low elo but I see India is having a very bad performance lately. Are classic strategies worthing? Thanks a lot!
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Re: Is india nerfed?

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Someone should probably give you an answer!

Yes India has been nerfed - technically reworked, but the most significant changes (sepoy and xp curve) are nerfs. Quick summary:
- Sepoys are not as effective against cav or at sieging (x2 multi vs cav instead of x3), and train slower. The counterbalance to this is that rajputs are slightly better than they used to be, so are often more viable
- India's XP penalty has been increased slightly, so shipments are even slower than before
- Otto consulate now doesn't have the minutemen tech, it's been replaced with azaps. This is situationally better or worse - worse for holding timings, better for extended play or creating a timing yourself. The otto consulate hussars are now delis, otto's unique cav which is better than huss
- The Karni Mata aura is slightly bigger than it used to be, which makes it a more viable age up as you can make more use of the bonus
- India also just suffers from some terrible matchups which unfortunately tend to be the most popular civs (e.g. Otto); and every map in the ranked map pool has TPs, when India is one of the civs best suited to non-TP maps.

Overall I'd say the strategies remain about the same, just slightly harder to pull off given the insane tempo a lot of civs have these days when India is traditionally a slightly slower, scaling civ, that has been made even slower.

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