Hausa age 2 into Hausa?

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Hausa age 2 into Hausa?

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Experimenting with Hausa again and I want to get an opinion on aging up to age 2 through Hausa instead of the more standard Songhai or say berber.

thought about this after seeing the ethiopian red sea wagon rush ploping down 2 war camps on the map and then just pumping units.

Hausa can sorta do the same thing with the Hausa age up since it gives you a builder wagon upon age up which can build war camps then with 200 influence you can build another one from the TC which can be gotten from say the Palace of Amina card so you can forward camp with 2 war camp and a palace. From then on every 200 influence can be a TP(or house) or 400 is a university or palace.

Alternatively this can also be used to boom, build a uni and palace of anima +700 influence is enough to spam out more unis and palaces to wall up and pump influence. You can also potentially spend 500 influence to allow 3 more TCs to be built in age 2 (which can also be built with wagons) and go full port.

Edit: you can also boom in water maps with the influence as well i just thought

Thoughts on how i guess "good" this is?
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Re: Hausa age 2 into Hausa?

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Hausa option (500w ageup) is as standard as it gets, so yes it's good.
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