RF_Gandalf's "Allied Tribes" RMS Map - DE Redux by Ardy

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RF_Gandalf's "Allied Tribes" RMS Map - DE Redux by Ardy

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I tried Gandalf's Allied Tribes map in DE (the original works great still!) and wondered if I could add some of the TAD and DE civs to it. I also decided to make some other changes for fun compstomp play.

Allied Tribes (and the DE Redux) features RF_Gandalf's unique native camp "groupings" which feature 2 sockets for trading posts in a camp. Three of these native camps spawn around each player's base, while the map also features a trade route circling the map.

Original version (Aoe3 2007 - works in DE but only has nats from vanilla Aoe3)

DE Redux Version (AoE3DE - doesn't work in Aoe3 2007)

Changes from the original "Allied Tribes"
- Five dual-socket native camps per player up from three
- Addition of a handful of natives from The Asian Dynasties and Definitive Edition (Knights of the Mediterranean, The African Royals)
- Berber, Hapsburg, Jesuit, Phanar, Shaolin, Somali, Sudanese, Vasa, Yoruba
- Map terrain no longer tied to native type
- An extra explorer per player
- More treasures per player
- Players start with a small number of coureur des bois alongside their usual starting villagers for the game-mode
- Also start with 4 outpost wagons

Installation for AoE3DE:
1. Put "Allied Tribes DE Redux.xs" & "Allied Tribes DE Redux.xml" in
"C:\Users\InsertYourWindowsUserAccountName\Games\Age of Empires 3 DE\Random String of Numbers\Randmaps"
2. Copy the contents of the "groupings" folder to "...\steamapps\common\AoE3DE\Game\RandMaps\groupings"
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