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Assertive AI Mod Overview

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Hello everyone! I would like to give an overview of some of the features you can get when you play against Assertive AI.

Assertive AI is an AI mod focused on improving replayability by diversifying the AI's play styles, improving communication among AI teammates, improving water map functionality, and supporting new maps and game modes. Find it in the in-game browser under the name Assertive AI.

Water Map Functionality
The flagship feature of Assertive AI is its naval AI, providing wide sweeping improvements to the use of ships, defensive buildings, dock placement, and more. AI opponents can position outposts and artillery near docks and along the coast, and build docks in new positions when their initial position comes under threat. They can also build forward bases on enemy islands, though that feature is still being developed and improved.

Diversifying AI Play Styles
Players now utilize one of five distinct strategies:
  • Rush
  • Naked Fast Fortress
  • Safe Fast Fortress
  • Fast Industrial
  • Greed
These strategies effect parameters throughout the AI, effecting how far they'll extend their villagers, how they will defend their town, when they'll utilize livestock, and of course how quickly they decide to age up. While Ivan may be building a forward base on your doorstep with a war hut and teepees, Queen Isabella may be advancing to Age 3 in under 7 mins. There's a bit of randomness built in, though, so you won't see the same thing every game.

AI players will construct walls in a variety of ways, and with a variety of patterns. They can employ simple semicircles around their docks for protection, but they can also build custom wall patterns around their forward bases, including star forts and historic fort layouts based on forts like Fort Sumter and Fort Ticonderoga.

Coordination and Communication
Chats, taunts, and overall communications have been improved. AI players now use team-based conditions to start their attacks, meaning AI players are more likely to attack at the same time in team games. When playing with human teammates, AI players can now notify teammates when they begin their attacks, communicating where they will attack the enemy. Allies are also more likely to help defend and ask for help.

New Maps and Game Modes
King of the Hill is fixed! You'll now see the AI both attack and attempt to hold the fort with formidable force. On Historical Maps, offense/defense dispositions are appropriately set for The Eighty Years War & The Great Turkish War, and the AI can now capture city states on The Italian Wars.

Ceylon and Archipelago are also supported, though for the former I recommend a 10-15% handicap and the latter is still in a beta state. (special thank you to NewMercies1775 and his Better AI for Archipelago)

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