Nigeria jgals
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ESO: jgals

14 May 2018, 22:06

Does anyone know why sometimes whales are not on california and sometimes there are a shit ton? It can kind of screw your water boom not to know wether or not there are whales since they are all in the middle when they are there. I'm sure this kind of thing is fixed on ESOC.
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Brazil macacoalbino
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ESO: MacacoAlbino

20 May 2018, 00:21

maybe it has something to do with the spawn with many sheep/spawn with no sheep?

Anyways just scout if there are whales with your first fishing boat and you should know how many boats you can make then.
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Kiribati SirCallen
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20 May 2018, 01:57

The warming climate has made whale migrations unpredictable and as well whales are getting caught in fishing gear off the golden coast.
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Italy Garja
ESOC Maps Team
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20 May 2018, 04:19

Randomness. Same for the number of ships.
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Greece Googol
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ESO: Butifle
Location: Prague

20 May 2018, 07:16

Korean whalers stole your whales
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Germany yemshi
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ESO: yemshi
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20 May 2018, 10:26

Pro tip: Spyglass the sea before picking your deck

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