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Italy Rajiv
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ESO: Ronin97

12 Jul 2018, 11:46

I was playing a treaty game and suddenly my game crashed. "Unable to allocate memory".
Has it ever happen to someone else? Can someone help me to fix that?
I m posting here in the treaty section as i think is a problem that concern more long games like treaty than sup games. Any advice will be helpful
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France captainpouple
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Location: france

12 Jul 2018, 12:41

I had the same issue once and it was because of the option that disable smoke with the ekanta UI. Maybe this can help :flowers:
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India guyshir
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ESO: guyshir
Location: Chicago

12 Jul 2018, 14:19

sometimes it happens because you are running to many applications in background. You can always check the memory before running the game and see if you can close a few apps which are not required. Example, Chrome takes a lot of memory for each tab you have opened.
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China paddy_jai
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02 Sep 2018, 20:39

pouple is right. once u disable smoke, the error happens
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Sweden Gendarme
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ESO: Gendarme

02 Sep 2018, 20:52

Buy more RAM
Capitalization matters.
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Sweden Googol
ESOC Media Team
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Location: Prague

02 Sep 2018, 20:55

Gendarme wrote:Buy more RAM

I'm poor, will you buy me a ram? I need it too

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