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Taiwan Vinyanyérë
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07 Nov 2018, 08:07


The Autumn 2018 Second Chance GRAND FINALS!
iamturk vs Conquerer999 - Sunday, Nov 11th at 17 GMT

Only, in truth, the Pros will abandon their thrones,
and the Trashcans will rise.
Nameless, accursed lieutenant,
unfit even to be colonel.
And so it is,
that trash seeketh Elo.

On the heels of a phenomenal closer for our Autumn 2018 Major, the Autumn 2018 Second Chance Tournament is setting up for its own finish. At one end of the battlefield stands iamturk, a rising star in the AoE3 community. Last year, in the previous Second Chance tournament, he fell in the quarterfinals to eventual champion OPTIMUS__PRIME in a close 3-2 series. This year, he's bested Jerimuno with a three-to-zero score (a player who has made three consecutive Second Chance Top 4's) and looks ready to claim the gold.

These two achievements might already seem impressive, but they're merely a small portion of what iamturk has accomplished this year. In the main tournament, he brought fan-favourite Aizamk to the brink, barely losing with a 3-2 score in the end after a close series. In the 2nd Chance, he's dropped only one game to Flontier across five series. For a player who's only been in the AoE3 scene since 2015 and in the tournament scene since 2016, these are incredible results. A win here might not cement him among the top echelons of players, but it will demonstrate that he's ready to compete with them.

At the other end of the field is Conquerer999, the Undisputed Best Treaty Player Ever™. While Conquerer might have had a disappointingly early exit from the main tournament, he's torn through the bracket of the 2nd Chance with impunity. With victories against rodr_o, bwinner, Lukas_L99 (the Undisputed Second Best Treaty Player Ever™), theonlybaus, and Chusik, Conquerer has demonstrated that he's deserving of the Golden Trashcan.

Unlike iamturk, Conquerer999 has been in the scene for a while, being a player who has maintained top ladder spots in both Treaty and Supremacy for some time. In the main tournament, he fell to tabben, a player who, like iamturk, has recently decided to git gud and who has put up strong results this year. In some respects, this is another matchup between the Old Guard (or the Middle Guard, if you've been around long enough) and the new blood. For Conquerer999, this is an opportunity for revenge after a similar matchup in the Autumn 2018's round of 32. For iamturk, this is a chance to prove himself as capable of playing with the best.

The winner will be decided on Sunday at 17 GMT. Tune in at!
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Brazil lemmings121
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07 Nov 2018, 11:11

2nd chance hype!

also, post n# 1000.
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New Zealand zoom
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07 Nov 2018, 14:26

Quack, quack!
"Hazza's always playing NR10 to legitimize his crying about EP being NR10. How sad!"
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Poland pecelot
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07 Nov 2018, 20:07

time to conquer the kebab
Estonia jesus3
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07 Nov 2018, 20:22

Kebab will never be removed again!
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Poland pecelot
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07 Nov 2018, 22:01

want Ti bet?
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08 Nov 2018, 09:22

Cyprus Snuden
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09 Nov 2018, 16:04

36: This herd, was not herded correctly towards his town center
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Canada Lunatic_Fringe
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10 Nov 2018, 18:15

aladin.jpg (29.79 KiB) Viewed 209 times
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Austria supahons
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10 Nov 2018, 19:06

somebody will lose to a giant trashcan (PR35 vs PR32 atm, ESOC humor :lol: )
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