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13 Jan 2019, 04:55


I bought AoE III for my room mate so we can play together. The game works, but ESO doesn't let him create an ESO account.
He's getting the Account creation failed: [101] error. ( I heard this sometimes has something to do with game codes? Which is odd, with his game being uniquely bought and gifted to him. At least to our knowledge. We have no idea how Steam handles it on the background and what have you.

We're quite dissapointed however. Is there something that can be done? How can my room mate maybe make an ESO account for himself? :sad:

Thanks for any future help offered,
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13 Jan 2019, 09:03

This is a common problem it seems.

Only error I had was cuz I didn`t first sign up on the vanilla version.
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Netherlands RezzAtrana
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ESO: Litharith

14 Jan 2019, 02:32

Derp! This actually worked! Thanks allot UpMySleeves!

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