Beginners Guide to Treaty

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Beginners Guide to Treaty

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Hello ESO-C Forum,

so this is my Beginners Guide to Treaty.
I will also put this Guide on Steam and make a video on it soon (probably next weekend).

Beginners Guide to Treaty:

Part 1: Boom, boom, boom (until Imperial)

Age 1:
  • Gather all starting ress and start getting treasures with your explorer
  • Compared to sup: Dont only gather food in age 1. Get enough ress, to get market upgrades (food, wood and gold) and tp (if you can build one) get: Market (and market upgrades), Trade posts on a trade route, dock (and start fishing) (on a map with water)
  • Build up your eco, you dont have to rush to get to age 2. Be late to Age 2 and fast to age 3.
  • Ageup to age 2 at around 17-20 vills (Use politicians which boost your eco (2 vills+2 cows) or wood/food crates)
  • After Clicking up, adjust so you can click up to age 3 soon after hitting age 2. All to food and gold (ageup to age 3 costs 1200 f, 1000g)
Age 2 to early Age 4 :
  • Click up to age 3 with fast age up or with covered wagon. Send back your explorer so you can start building tc right away.
  • gather enough wood so you have 3 tcs (500 if you age up with covered wagon, 1000 if not). Use your explorer to build tc's.
  • Once you have enough wood, split your vills. Gather mostly food, some gold and a bit of wood for houses.
  • you want to allways have 3 tc production. Get up to age 4 as quickly as possible, without idling your tcs
  • Age up 4 politician: Crates, economy, long term upgrades
  • Once you clicked up to age 4: Retask your vills (ca 5 wood for houses, 2/3 on food 1/3 on gold).
  • Once you reach Age 4: send factories as soon as possible
Late Age 4 to Age 5
  • Stay on natural ressources as long as possible and click up to age 5 as soon as you can (without idling your tc).
  • once you clicked up, split your vills evenly. start getting a mill and a estate for upgrades. Slowly transition to mills and estates.
  • A good age 5 time is usually at around 17-20 mins (depending on civ and map)
  • Age up 5 politician: Crates, economy, long term upgrades (maybe even the hot air baloon)
  • In age 5: Get the capitol economy upgrades early
  • Continue to produce vills until you hit the maximum. Continue to get much wood, but also start transition to estate + mill (and get upgrades)
  • If you havent allready, put your facts on wood
Card Progression:
Only send cards, which benefit you immediatly (economic theory, royal coin mint, refrigeration, factories)

Get to Age 5 and maximum Vills as soon as possible. You Achieve this by:
  1. Staying longer in Age 1 and getting market upgrades/ TP's
  2. Getting extra TC's as early as possible
  3. Using Natural Ressources
Part 2: Build your Empire
Build a Church (if you havent allready, you might also build it sooner for the xp trickle) and a arsenal and get all the upgrades
Start building walls and start building your military buildings (Usually 4-5 barracks, 2 foundry, 3 stables per "base")
Get upgrades of units you want to do.
Cards you want to get before treaty ends:
  • Economic cards (mill + estate), Advanced Arsenal, Advanced Church, Fencing School, Riding School.
  • You want to get the economic upgrades early, so you start out with more ress after treaty.
  • You can make the argument to delay the Economic cards until after the treaty ends and send your unit upgrades first, so your first fights are better for you and you get more map control. But yeah, the meta is to send the economic cards first.
Until minute 35-38: get all uprades, all military buildings and walls up.
After that:
  • start getting an army until you hit 199 pop. Do overpopping techniques (send a unit shipment at 199 pop, send natives, use the advanced church/big buttons).
  • Send your army somewhere where you want to apply pressure and get Vills there so you can build a forward base.
  • Send Vills around the map (to later build walls and forward bases)
  • Find enemy vills and place units near them, so they cant make forward bases/walls
Summary: Build walls, Build bases and get your upgrades

Part 3: Destroy your Enemies:
Try to win the first fight and build forward base. Continue to pressure there
At places on the map, where no fighting is happening: Make walls, bases, forts (fort card), etc. Get control of the natives and the trade route.
Try to deny the enemy from getting the sides of the map.
Take better fights, take the map and try to clean up the enemy economy

Army Composition:
skirm / goon / canon
Musk / hussar / canon
some combination of:
Skirm, hussar, goon, canons (depending on, how the enemy army is at the moment. So for example if the enemy army is mostly skirm, make huss, if its mostly huss make goons or musk, etc)
If pushing: Make mortars and other canons.
when defending: make horse artillery and culvs and ranged units, as the enemy generally cant get close

Your winning conditions:
1) you break through to the enemy Economy and wipe it (no more ress = no more units)
2) you take better fights (He will run out of ress, then he doesnt have enough units to stop you, and you meet winning condition one)
3) you take all the map, then you will take better fights (more natives, more ress) and then you win by winning condition two

If you run out of ress, while on the offensive...slow down and retreat and regroup more often to limit your ress spending. Then you can do another offensive.
In TG: If you are getting cleaned up: Dont give up, rebuild your economy and defend. You might have a good chance to come back.

You win when 2 of the following apply: Enemy out of ress, enemy out of production, enemy out of economy (no vills/factories)

Offtopic other treaty lengths
i didnt play both modes too much, but in theory they should play out like this.
TR 10: pick a good boom civ (dutch, brit, jap (?)) and boom and try to get as many units out as possible (at min 10). Could be a age 3 or age 4 push.
The deck looks more similar to supremacy.

TR20 : good boom civ: Brit/port/ french. put in some early economic boost cards (3 vills, crates). Get to age 5 asap and max out.
You wont be able to upgrade all units to imp so go for something like imp goon + canons.

TR 30, 40, 50 and 60 mostly play out the same (so play as described in the main part)

Worst civs: Dutch, haudenoga, lakota
Best civs: French, ports, swede

Your deck consists of:
Unit upgrades, economy upgrades, factories, a endless card, endless natives, some good building upgrades (i personally like: 1 fort, increased hp, increased building limit for outposts)
There are some cards which are allways bad (crates), some cards you allways put in (factories), and some cards you sometimes put in (age 2 unit upgrades, Age 1 or 2 Economy upgrades).
There are more good cards for each civ than deck slots, so naturally some good cards dont fit in your deck. Try around and see what suits your playstyle best!
Cards which are good in tr, which you typically not see in Sup: Herdable upgrades, fur trade

Video Following soon

Thanks for Reading and gl & hf!

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