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Canada dansil92
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ESO: dansil92

16 May 2019, 17:33

I love when people say " you suck at this game" after they lose. I get it a lot from thuggee rushing on deccan as Dutch or China
Canada vividlyplain
Posts: 22
ESO: vividlyplain

16 May 2019, 17:39

dansil92 wrote:I get it a lot from thuggee rushing on deccan as Dutch or China

That's the epic statement...
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Holy See Imperial Noob
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ESO: M1Karox/ImperialNoob
Location: In the Shadows

16 May 2019, 18:34

"Hello Kaiser, let me turn you on"---Interjection, tabben vs kynesie
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Poland pecelot
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ESO: Pezet
Location: Poland

16 May 2019, 19:24

sounds like some 1871 shenanigans
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Spain Snuden
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ESO: Snuden
Location: x666 HQ

17 May 2019, 07:00

"Snuden you have improved"
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Armenia Sargsyan
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ESO: Sargsyan
Location: Armenia
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17 May 2019, 07:36

Snuden wrote:"Snuden you have improved"

No more gren ff Snud, no more xD

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