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21 Apr 2021, 04:15

The $5000 AoE3 Global Championship 2021
Hosted by in partnership with

Sign-ups open from now until May 7th
>> Click Here to Sign Up <<

>> Full Tournament Rules & Information <<

That's right ladies and gentlemen, open to everyone, the next AoE3 1v1 Major tournament has finally arrived. It's been over a year since the conclusion of the ESOC Winter Championship 2020, representing perhaps the longest span of time that has gone without hosting a major event. Well worth the wait, it is with great pleasure and pride today that I'm able to present the biggest of kahunas, the mother of mammoths, the one for all the chips, the $5000 AoE3 Global Championship 2021. In partnership with, the Global Championship is set to be an event that will trump even the New World Championship 2019 in terms of scale and be the biggest tournament the AoE3 scene has seen in over a decade.

The Pro Division - GSL Group Stage

The Pro Division will be for all the marbles - and every place counts. Players who qualify for the Pro Division will compete in a GSL Group Stage to kick off the event. Winners of the initial round will compete for the chance to qualify for the Bracket Stage, while losers of the initial round will scrap in a sudden-death elimination match. Only half of the original Pro Division qualifiers will make it to the Bracket Stage, all vying for that alluring $1500 grand prize.

New Map and Civilization Picking Rules

The full tournament map pool consists of 14 maps, including classics such as Kamchatka and Manchuria, fan favorites such as Mongolia and Fraser River, and a brand new map made by @vividlyplain making its tournament debut, Vietnam.

Beginning from the Quarter-Finals of the Pro Division Bracket Stage onwards, new rules will be instituted for an entirely fresh way of constructing the tournament match setting. Players will draft exclusive civilization and home map pools, allowing them to direct the course of the battlefield in a series in ways only superficially explored before. More information on the map pool and civ-picking rules can be found by clicking here.


Sign-ups open April 18th, 2021. To sign up, a player need only visit their MyESOC panel and input their steam information. For players who may have a chance at qualifying for the Pro Division, there will be a server pings screenshot thread set up to ensure the most fair competitive environment once the tournament begins. Sign-ups are free and open to everyone who would like to participate, and will close on May 7th.


Sunday, April 18th - Sign-ups open
Friday, May 7th - Sign-ups close
Monday, May 10th - GSL Group Stage and Amateur Div. Round 1 officially kick off

Thanks everyone, and here's to a great event!
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21 Apr 2021, 16:07

Only GUA or FARE can win this.

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