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Czech Republic EAGLEMUT
ESOC Dev Team
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29 Aug 2021, 13:18


Please note that the ESOC website and forums may be intermittently unavailable or read-only during the next couple hours, while we perform a major migration in order to resolve ongoing database issues.

UPDATE: We are back online. Everything's been migrated onto a new database instance and things should overall run more smoothly than before, in addition to the data corruption being cured. If you notice any issues, let us know here in this thread.
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Latvia harcha
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ESO: hatamoto_samurai

29 Aug 2021, 16:38

thanks for the quick fix!
princeofcarthage wrote:remember Prince warned about it years ago
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No Flag fightinfrenchman
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29 Aug 2021, 16:39

Took too long imo
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United States of America fitzbro
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30 Aug 2021, 02:14

Thanks dev team!
When in doubt, teepee out!
Kiribati callentournies
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ESO: esuck

30 Aug 2021, 19:21

Why did the website have to go down?
jus a bish

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