Public Update Preview - June Update

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Re: Public Update Preview - June Update

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I'm hyped for the Lakota change, but their early game will be rougher now
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Re: Public Update Preview - June Update

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EliteRifleman wrote:
19 Jun 2022, 17:06
Now lakota start with 400 f 200 w and 100c in crates
well they just managed to add a bug in the PUP version once again if you're true. :uglylol: :uglylol:

here are the changes : Lakota Gameplay Adjustments
Civilization Bonus: Updated to “Begins with 200 population and Huntable Animals last 10% longer, but cannot build Walls until the Industrial Age.”
Starting Units:
5 Villagers (no change)
400 Food (no change)
100 Wood (added)
100 Coin (no change)

meanwhile lakota start without any single wood atm

Classic DE
I hope Zoi and his team of faithful minions can stop demonizing people

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