⚔ $500 ESOC Summer Championship Huge Weekend ⚔

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⚔ $500 ESOC Summer Championship Huge Weekend ⚔

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Join us for an insane weekend of BACK TO BACK casts! The most elite AOE3 players clash it out in a fierce battle for supremacy. Tune in for top-notch competitors like JulianK, Conquer97, LoOkTom, Kaister, April, Ezad, Optimus, and Ungurs, and expect intense strategy, breathtaking micro-management, and heart-pounding moments. This tournament is a thrilling showcase of AOE3 mastery, where only the best will emerge victorious and claim the title of champion. Don't miss a moment of this epic showdown! ⚔

🎙 Casters 🎙
Josh & Guigs & LopsidedFluff

⏳ Time & Date ⏳
29/9 (Friday) 20 GMT & This Weekend

📺 Join us live on ESOCTV's Twitch channel to witness the epic clash between two titans. Don't miss the action-packed showdown! 📺 https://www.twitch.tv/esoctv
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Re: ⚔ $500 ESOC Summer Championship Huge Weekend ⚔

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will have stream today ?
Kaiser sucks
Garja Noob
grunt the best
Kickass God

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