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Great Britain fishboyy
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04 Oct 2018, 21:55

[EP4-2 SP] tabben[FR] vs Fishboyy[BR] - ESOC Florida.age3yrec
(426.14 KiB) Downloaded 9 times
ESOC Florida
ESOC Florida
Rules: Supremacy (1v1)
Version: ESOC Patch 4.2
Length: 10 minutes
[EP5 SP] Sweethegreat[BR] vs General_Bender[CH] - ESOC Manchuria.age3yrec
(908.29 KiB) Downloaded 4 times
ESOC Manchuria
ESOC Manchuria
Rules: Supremacy (1v1)
Version: ESOC Patch 5.0
Length: 13 minutes
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Great Britain boyu
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Location: Edinburgh, UK

04 Oct 2018, 22:57

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United States of America Cometk
ESOC Media Team
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05 Oct 2018, 00:52

@fishboyy seems one of the recs is not what it's supposed to be ^^

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