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Finland somppukunkku
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19 Jan 2019, 19:51


First of all congrats to @Hazza54321 for reaching the finals and good luck to @Diarouga and @Kaiserklein for their games.

I'm announcing that I'm forfeiting from 3rd placer series for the following reasons:

Firstly, I'm facing 6 exams in 3 weeks. This means I won't have time to play, or I could go completely unprepared and without my best form. This, however, is not an ideal situation for anyone and I do not want to do so.
Secondly, I always play to win the whole tournament and I do not feel motivated to compete for the third place under above-mentioned circumstances.

I will not be online for a few months, as I plan to travel after my exams. However, having a new strong civilization for my civ pool, next tournament you are going to see even a stronger, more intelligent and better prepared Somali. Ready to ram my way to the finals!

I hope understanding from the tournament organizers and apologize to those who wanted to see the games.
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No Flag Djigit
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19 Jan 2019, 19:55

CEO of
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United States of America n0el
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19 Jan 2019, 20:28

Great games, good luck in your exams and have fun and safe travels!
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Switzerland sebnan12
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21 Jan 2019, 09:00

''its is iamsucksturk'' - Kickass_op
''no you're trash you wouldnt beat me'' - Kaiserklein
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Estonia jesus3
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21 Jan 2019, 09:16

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Italy Garja
ESOC Maps Team
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21 Jan 2019, 13:06

somppukunkku wrote:Ready to ram my way to the finals!

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France kami_ryu
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21 Jan 2019, 14:12

xox knock out the exams, go enjoy life, come back
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Isle of Man UpMySleeves
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21 Jan 2019, 15:31

You had some of the most entertaining games in this tourney. Good luck on exams.
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Armenia Sargsyan
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21 Jan 2019, 18:28

Like Zoro i mark my territory with a symbol.
Not with a Z but S, cause Somalia's what i resemble!
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Canada Warno
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21 Jan 2019, 21:45

Does Kynesie get sent to the consolation finals?
Assuming he wants it.
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France [Armag] diarouga
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21 Jan 2019, 21:51

Warno wrote:Does Kynesie get sent to the consolation finals?
Assuming he wants it.

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Brazil Kickass_OP
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21 Jan 2019, 22:36

Somali 2k19.2
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United States of America Squamiger
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23 Jan 2019, 17:02

are you actually somali

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