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13 Jan 2021, 14:06


A cap to a great event this past weekend with the conclusion of the ESOC Goodhouse Cup! Peaking at 750 live concurrent viewers this Sunday, a congratulations is owed to @Hazza54321 for a well-fought match, taking the Finals series victory over @Kaiserklein with a score of 4-3. A thank you to everyone who contributed big or small to our donation goal throughout the course of the tournament. Our little community managed to raise over $1800 for Cedric's upcoming operation. A special thanks is owed to one Yuria of Londor, who contributed $1400 by the end of the tournament.

The fight is not over. We recommend that if you haven't already, to read Mr. Cedric Good House's story. A Knowledge Keeper of Lakota traditions, Cedric contributed his expertise to inform a more faithful remastering of our favorite game. While the Goodhouse Cup is over, Cedric's GoFundMe campaign is not. Contributions at any level would not go without appreciation.

Again, a huge thank you to all our donors, players, casters, and viewers for a successful event. Our collective dedication is what has allowed this community to persevere throughout the years. Here's to more great events and an exciting future for the ESOCommunity!
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13 Jan 2021, 14:07

Special thank you @Jerimuno. Without your tip this event might not have happened.
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16 Jan 2021, 11:44

Having a community as awesome as this should not be taken for granted. I salute everybody who contributed to this and other great events!
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16 Jan 2021, 12:13

Whens the money going on the go fund me?
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