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Please message @princeofcarthage or @Cometk with your Champion Civilization before the end of sign ups!
Introducing the ESOC Grand Tour Season 1!

- Season 1 of the ESOC Grand Tour will contain 8 events — 8 weekend tournaments!
- The farther you make it in an event, the more points you earn. Depending on how you place, you will be granted a certain amount of points.
- At the end of the season, a Round Robin Playoffs event will be held including the top six players in points!
- You can read more information on how Season 1 and the Playoffs will be run here.
- Here you can view the the current standings of Season 1, including Sup Cup #1!


". . . One interesting thing about Japanese players is that they stick with just one character, since their tournament format requires keeping the same character the entire tournament. The Japanese players definitely proved to me that by sticking to one character and learning everything about that character, you win the unwinnable matches . . ." - Sirlin, "Playing to Win"

The ESOC Mono-Civ Cup!
This week's edition of the Weekend Tours is a single-elimination Supremacy tournament with a twist; you can only play one civilization for the entire tournament!

Tournament Schedule
- All times are in GMT.
- Tournament will begin at 15:00 GMT on Sunday, April 22nd.
- Round of 64: 15:00 - 15:45
- Round of 32: 15:45 - 16:30
- Round of 16: 16:30 - 17:15
- Round of 8: 17:15 - 18:30
- Semi-finals: 18:30 - 20:00
- Finals: 20:00 - Till we get a winner!
- Beginning this weekend, you can watch the tournament on ESOCTV, ESOCTV2, and ESOCTV3!

Sign Ups!
- Sign ups open at 15:00 GMT on Monday, April 16th and close at 18:30 GMT on Friday, April 20th.
- You can sign up using your MyESOC tab with your ESO username and your Champion Civilization.
- Brackets will be posted shortly after sign ups close. Player civilization picks will be revealed after the bracket is posted.
- To participate in the event, you must be a member of the tournament discord and be present at the time of the event start!

Prize Pool
- $100 USD distributed as $75 to 1st place and $25 to 2nd place.
- Exclusive forum badge

Civilization Rules
- You may only use one civilization for the entire tournament!

Map Pool
All maps are listed in the order they are to be played in. Between with the RO64 and RO16, players will each ban a map from the map pool, with the higher seed player vetoing first. After the RO16, players will play the maps listed.

- Round of 64 (Bo1): Manchuria, Thar Desert, Manchac
- Round of 32 (Bo1): Klondike, Bengal, Hudson Bay
- Round of 16 (Bo1): Colorado, Alaska, Gran Chaco
- Round of 8 (Bo3): Cascade Range, Florida, Tibet
- Semi-finals (Bo3): Mendocino, Baja California, Bonnie Springs
- Finals (Bo7): Parallel Rivers, Wadmalaw, Tassili, Manchac, Florida, Indonesia, Fertile Crescent

- All games must be played on ESOC Patch.
- All results and recorded games must be reported using the match results submitter.
- You must be present in the tournament discord at 15:00 GMT on Sunday, April 22nd.
- All players must respect scheduled round timings. If a series is not in progress by the time a round is scheduled to end, the admins reserve the right to make a decision on the winner of the match.
- All players must coordinate with caster/co-caster to ensure smooth scheduling of casted matches.
- All other applicable ESOC tournament rules apply.

Additional Notes
- Games will be played primarily on ESO; games that need to be played on GameRanger must be authorized by a tournament administrator. In case of unforeseen circumstances, casted games may need to be played on GameRanger.
- In case games need to be played on GameRanger, please have home cities and decks prepared!
- All players must adhere to the prospective tournament schedule. If a series is not in progress by the time a round is scheduled to end, the admins reserve the right to make a decision on the winner of the match.
- If you think your opponent somehow had an unfair advantage by using any exploits or modifications, please PM one of the admins with the recorded game and screenshots.
- Admins reserve the right to disqualify any player(s) for failure to abide by the tournament rules. All admin decisions will be final.
- If you have any further questions, please ask in this thread!

- If you would like to contribute by funding future "Weekend Tours" you can donate here!
- While donating, please write the message "for weekend tours".

Tournament Staff
- Admins: @princeofcarthage & @Cometk
- Caster: @princeofcarthage

Thank you everyone and enjoy!
It's time for some wolololo news!

Update :ESOC Weekend Tours finals would be concluded on Tuesday, 10th April at 17 GMT!

Brackets for Supremacy Cup #1 are live!
Matches to be casted :
@queenofdestiny vs @Jerimuno at 15:00 GMT
@sergyou vs @RFijo at 15:15 GMT
@musketeer925 vs @Zecu at 15:30 GMT

@Sputnik vs @DaRkNiTe1698 at 15:45 GMT
@gryphoon94 vs @EAGLEMUT at 16:00 GMT
@dicktator_ vs @sebnan12 at 16:15 GMT

Sign Ups are closed as of now!
- Sign Ups are closed now, if you are interested and still want to sign up join the tournament discord! and message Sav0ryBeef, we still might be able to sign you up!

ESOC Weekend Tours Betting Event:
Whats a tournament without betting? ESOC is proud to bring to you a multi Tour betting event!
- Multi Cup Event -> Your points get carried over to the next Weekend Cup
- Join the tournament discord! and leave message in channel titled "betting-sign-ups" to sign up!

Update 1: ESOC Weekend Tour - Supremacy #1 Sign Ups have crossed the halfway mark and will be coming to close on Friday, 6th April at 18:30 GMT. Sign up now while entries last!
- For more information: ESOC Weekend Tours

Sign Up Now!
- Sign up using your MyESOC tab and join the tournament discord!

Time 2 Treaty Grand Finals

Update 2: T2T Grand Finals will be concluded on Saturday, 7th April at 19 GMT on ESOCTV.
- Lukas managed to surprised everyone with a Russian win against dicktator's France on Toluca, but dicktator once again proved why he deserves to be "Numero Uno" by winning against the best Iroquoirs player with no resources in bank on Andes.
- After a back n forth war dicktator's Portuguese finally managed to drive back Lukas's German from resource rich plateaus and valleys of Deccan!
- Score stands 2 - 1 in dicktator_'s favour, Tune in to ESOCTV on Saturday, 7th April at 19 GMT!


Update 3: ESOC Spartan wars will be concluded on April 5th, Thursday at 19 GMT! to be rescheduled
- TheMista and cG_ZertoN will clash the swords for the Grand Title of AOE:O

Thank you and have fun!,
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